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One Day Workshop on "Effectiveness through Softskills for ScrumMasters"

One Day Workshop on "Stress Management through Yoga"

AgileSoft in association with Ace presents a one day workshop in...

Advanced Agile Series Effectiveness through Soft-Skills for Scrum Masters.
Do you think that Scrum is very easy to understand but very hard to implement? You are...umm....Right!
You must have realized that you could succeed if only your team really could work as a Team, if only your Team could understand you, if only your boss gave you the freedom..... You are not alone to experience this.

What is needed is the “Soft-skills” to sell, implement and sustain agility. Come and join this workshop to understand the soft-skills required by a Scrum Master.
Let us discuss something which is beyond the scope of any Scrum Master Certification course!

Get oriented for the right thinking towards becoming truly Agile!

Facilitator, Prashant Pund.
Agile Mentor, Guide, Speaker & Writer on Agile.
Prashant is a Certified Scrum Master & has worked as a mentor and consultant in his overall experience of around 25 years. He has managed the projects and worked as consultant in varying environments. He has guided the companies to establish the Agile Methodologies.
He is a well received speaker on Agile with consistent excellent feedback. He has provided consulting for a decade in the areas like Agile-Scrum, OOAD-UML, Agile Estimation and more. He has helped more than 25 companies in implementing Agile & has conducted more than 500 training sessions in India and abroad for more than 90 Software Development companies.

Facilitator, Supria Joshi
Certified Global Business communication Coach & Life Skills Coach.
Supria has wide knowledge & experience in the areas of Communication Skills, Customer Service, Team Dynamics, Time management, Leadership skills, Change man- agement, Self Awareness & Power of Feedback.
She has imparted trainings to more than 5000 professionals in the companies such as Infosys, Wipro, Syntel, IBM, 3Global, Sasken etc. She has been instrumental during the recession in helping & counselling the senior management from Infosys and other companies in their job transition. Supria is Certified Global Business communication Coach & has worked as a consultant to various B-Schools. She is also a Certified trainer by Cambridge University, UK, for Business English Communication (BEC).